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Wofford College Arabic Studies.
Arabic has been termed a critical language by the federal government and opens a wide range of educational and employment possibilities for its students. Wofford employs a communicative approach in Arabic language pedagogy and teaches students formal Modern Standard Arabic, which is used in literature and media, as well as other dialects of Arabic, mainly Moroccan, Masri and Shami Arabic.
Arabic Studies William Mary.
There is at present no major offered in Arabic, but we invite students to consider our minor in Arabic. In addition, students studying Arabic can major in Global Studies with a Middle Eastern Studies Concentration. Opportunities to speak Arabic outside of class.:
Arabic University of Florida.
Students of the Arabic specialization of the Foreign Languages and Literatures major are encouraged to study abroad for a summer or a semester. Students may choose the summer UF-sponsored program in the Arabic Language Institute in Fez ALIF in Morocco.
FluentU Arabic Arabic Language and Culture Blog.
Learn Arabic Dialects with These 10 Famous Singers! Imagine how much Arabic you could learn if you had every Arabic dialect available at your fingertips. What if you. By Geoffrey Reynolds. Arabic Learning Websites: 7 Incredible Ways to Learn Online.
Arabic Immersion Magnet School AIMS Homepage.
AIMS leads the way in Arabic immersion education providing opportunities for a diverse group of learners to learn Arabic. AIMS represents the diversity of Houston with students hailing from approximately 40 different zip codes, the majority of whom do not have an Arabic speaking background.
Arabic - Near Eastern Languages Cultures - UCLA.
It is also excellent preparation for doctoral work, whether in Arabic, Islamic studies, anthropology, history, political science, or international relations. in Arabic concentrates on Arabic literature and culture, whether pre-modern, modern, or contemporary, and prepares students for work in academia.
Arabic - Wiktionary.
The adjective Arabic is commonly used in reference to language, and in traditional phrases such as Arabic numeral or gum arabic. Its use is controversial and often deprecated in reference to people or countries, where the adjective Arab is preferred.
Arabic - Subjects - University of St Andrews.
At St Andrews, you will not only learn the Arabic language, but also study Arab and wider Middle Eastern history, medieval and modern Arabic literature, and Islamic studies. Arabic MA joint degree. Arabic at St Andrews is not offered as a single Honours degree, but it can be taken in combination with a wide variety of other subjects as part of a joint degree.
Students acquire a more profound understanding of Arabic cultures through films, songs, and media outlets; learn how to engage in Arabic conversations in formal and informal settings, speaking about a variety of topics related to social life, literature, politics, entertainment, music, and history.
Arabic - Wikibooks, open books for an open world.
Modern Standard Arabic derives from Classical Arabic, the only surviving member of the Old North Arabian dialect group, attested epigraphically since the 6th century, which has been a literary language and the liturgical language of Islam since the 7th century.

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